My digital experience:

I started my digital journey back in September of 2019 as a remote digital marketing intern for At first, I was tasked with running their Google Ads account and sending weekly newsletters to their e-mail subscribers. As time went on, I earned more and more responsibility in my role. I went from being an intern, to becoming their Digital Marketing Specialist at the start of 2020. During my short time with Go Gear Direct, these are some of my favorite tasks that I enjoyed doing:

  1. Developed 2020 Marketing Plan
  2. Performed & presented multiple social media audits
  3. Created Marketing Dashboard via Google Data Studio
  4. Managed Google Ads Account
  5. Managed Facebook Ads Account
  6. Managed GroundTruth Ads Account (location based targeting)
  7. Managed MailChimp e-mail automations
  8. Website trust badge proposal
  9. Content creation (videos/pictures for ads; videos/ pictures for YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook)

I launched at the start of 2020. I have done everything for the business on my own up to this point. Here is a list of some of my favorite tasks I have completed with Cuban Link Co. thus far:

  1. Found a profitable product/ niche to go into
  2. Found a reliable supplier
  3. Built the conversion-focused website
  4. Designed the logo
  5. Setup custom domain and email (
  6. Setup business social media accounts
  7. Setup Facebook Ad account
  8. Setup email automations
  9. Grow a following on social media
  10. Enhance trust in my customers with product photo reviews
  11. Launch high ROI Facebook Ad campaign
  12. Launch retargeting campaigns with exclusive offers to people that have already visited the website

My business partner and I launched at the start of July, 2020. We have performed all of the same tasks that I performed on Cuban Link Co. in order to turn this dream into a reality.